The Legal Battle is not OVER!

Join the Emory 7 on October 6th, 2011 as they head back to court. (Facebook Event Link Below)

At 8:30am on Thursday, October 6th, the seven students who were arrested on Emory’s Quadrangle in April 2011 will be arraigned at the DeKalb County Courthouse. They have been charged with criminal trespassing by Emory University.

Their crime? Sitting peacefully in a tent after spending five days on the Quadrangle, where they sought to raise awareness of the discriminatory, two-tiered labor system at Emory that has resulted from subcontracting ethical responsibility to multi-national corporations (such as the food service company Sodexo). Emory students, staff, faculty, and campus workers, as well as members of the greater Atlanta community, are encouraged to attend in order to support the Emory Seven and stand in solidarity with contracted workers.

A peaceful vigil will be held at 8:30am outside the Courthouse (near the roundabout to Decatur Square). Signs, musical instruments, and early morning enthusiasm are welcome!

If coming from Emory, you may catch the free CCTMA shuttle to downtown Decatur. A map and schedule can be found here:

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